Meet the Chef

Born in County Donegal, Ireland, the passion for cooking took hold of Daniel Harkin when he was 12 years old. “During the summer of 1968,” relates Daniel, “I had the opportunity to help out in the kitchen in a hospital. I suppose that was the seed of my career.”

After getting his leaving certificate, Daniel followed a 2 year, full time culinary course at Galway Regional College, now called Galway Institute of Technology. He sat the City and Guilds exams and was second in a class of nearly fifty students.

In 1976 Daniel began his first job as a chef at the five- star Aghadoe Heights Hotel  just outside Killarney. Afterwards he moved to the Dun Laoghaire area where he took up a job at the renowned Royal Marine Hotel.

In a few years time Daniel became sous-chef, and he started dreaming of opening his own restaurant.

In 1981 Daniel and his wife, Ann, opened a Bed and Breakfast, Claremont House , which is still going strong. With the experience of running a Bed and Breakfast, coupled with the valuable experience of cooking in luxury hotels, Daniel had a head start in launching his own restaurant. In January 1990 Daniel’s Restaurant opened its doors.

Some 23 years later, Daniel is still serving some of the best quality food the Dun Laoghaire / Dublin area. His passion for cooking has not cooled over the years—he still looks forward to opening his restaurant every evening.

Daniel makes his living by living his dream.