Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Mayonnaise  € 8.50
Caesar Salad  € 8.00
Deep-fried Brie with a wild Cherry Sauce  € 9.50
Mushroom and Fresh Crab Bake  € 9.50
Old-fashioned Crayfish Cocktail with a spicy Marie-Rose Sauce  € 10.00
Fresh, smooth Chicken Liver and Brandy Pâté with Cumberland Sauce  € 9.00
Irish Oak Smoked Salmon and Salad  € 9.00
Deep-fried White Bait and Salad served with Tartare Sauce  € 9.50
Homemade Soup of the Day  € 6.50
Seafood Chowder (The King of Chowders)  € 8.50
Fresh Crab Bisque (The Real Thing)  € 7.00

Main Courses

Pan-fried Fillets of Plaice
Served with a warm Chutney and mild Curry Cream  € 22.50

Paupiettes of Plaice “Daniel”
Fillets of Plaice poached and finished in a white wine sauce with onion, mushroom and tomato  € 22.50

Goujons of Plaice
Fillets of Plaice cut into strips, bread-crumbed and deep-fried until golden brown, served with rice  € 19.50

Deep-fried Scampi
Fried in a light crispy batter served with Tartare Sauce  € 23.50

Prawns Pernod
Dublin Bay Prawns cooked in butter with spring onions, flamed with Pernod and finished in a cream sauce served on Basmati rice  € 21.50

Tagliatelle with Boston Prawns and Smoked Salmon
Cooked with green spring onions with garlic and ginger, topped with diced tomatoes, dusted Parmesan cheese and gratinated under the grill € 19.50

Pan-roasted Supreme of Salmon
Served with a Shellfish sauce  € 18.50

Lobster Thermidor
Cooked lobster taken out of the shell, mixed in a mustard cream sauce with diced onions and lots of cheese. Then placed back into the shell, more cheese and Parmesan cheese on top and gratinated under the grill                                                                                                           

1 lb.          € 27.00
1 ½ lb.      € 36.00
2 lb.          € 48.00

All Irish Meat

Chicken Romano Supreme
Free-range Chicken grilled, served on a bed of rice and coated with a mushroom, white wine and cheese sauce  € 21.50

Chicken Kiev
Free-range Chicken stuffed with garlic butter, bread-crumbed, deep-fried and baked until golden  € 21.50

Pan-fried Chicken Breast
Free-range and pan-fried Chicken breast served on a bed of rice with a cheese, white wine, cream and broccoli sauce  € 21.50

Roast Wild Wicklow Pheasant
Roasted, braised in red wine and served with a game sauce, bread sauce and game chips (seasonal)  € 24.50

Irish Fillet Steak (8 oz.)
Tender fillet served with garlic butter or pepper sauce

Roasted Rack of Lamb
Tender rack of lamb, roasted and served with a lamb gravy and mint sauce (seasonal)  € 28.50

Beef Zurichoise
Medallion of choice beef fillet, dipped in beaten egg and parmesan cheese, pan-fried in olive oil and served with a tomato and hot chili salsa  € 23.50

Roast Crispy Duck
Half duck off the bone and roasted. Served with a potato and apple stuffing, and an orange sauce  € 24.50

Hot Vegetarian Dish
Small vegetables (broccoli, cauli, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, etc.) in a cheese sauce on a bed of tagliatelle  € 18.50 

Side Orders € 3.00
Hand-cut French-fried potatoes
Cheese and garlic potatoes
Steamed potatoes
Homemade croquette potatoes
Deep-fried courgettes
Buttered spinach
Buttered broccoli
Mashed carrot and parsnips
French-fried onions
Sauté onions
Sauté mushrooms
Mixed side salad

10% Service charge on parties of 8 or more